Rain may be wonderful for the flowers, plants, and trees, but it’s terrible for kids who are forced to stay inside where it’s a constant struggle to keep boredom at bay. Sure, the television and video games provide hours of amusement, but there are much healthier ways for them to spend their time. That’s where the internet comes in. Besides an endless supply of cat memes, you’ll also find plenty of exciting learning activities that will make the little ones forget all about the nasty weather. Here are some pointers.


Explore Science

This is a great way to go beyond the books and see how science works in the real world. The kids will be amazed at the magic happening before their very eyes with exciting projects such as rainbow magic milk in which drops of food coloring explode as the soap interacts with fat molecules, teaching them a valuable chemistry lesson while they enjoy the vibrant spectacle.


Take a Music Lesson

Learning an instrument helps kids increase their memory skills, build their concentration, lengthen their attention span, improve self-discipline, control their behavior — the list goes on and on. One of the greatest benefits, though, is the fun. Start by finding some classical and jazz online, which will introduce them to instruments such as the violin, sax, and clarinet. Let them choose based on their own tastes, then find a music teacher.

Learn to Draw

The visual arts give kids the chance to express their emotions while refining their motor skills and gaining some invaluable self-confidence. Drawing tutorials are an excellent place to start, as they provide step-by-step instructions they can easily follow along with, pencil in hand. Hello Kids has a number of fun videos available that’ll keep them busy for hours sketching cows, dragons, airplanes, and even people.

Do Some Crafts

Of course, drawing isn’t the only game in town when it comes to creativity. Crafts have been a staple of teachers for years, as the little ones find it so engaging to work with paper, scissors, glue, and glitter as they learn to focus their minds on the task at hand. You’ll have no trouble finding some colorful projects for them to dive into, such as making a potato stamp, finger puppets, or collages.


Study a Language

According to the experts at Bilingual Kidspot, the best time for kids to learn a foreign language is while they’re young, ideally before the age of 6. That’ll even give them a better chance of developing a native accent, which can be extremely difficult for older kids and adults. Some of the most popular options are Spanish and French, though Mandarin is quickly gaining ground, and it’s not hard to find lessons for all three online.

Hit the Kitchen

Does handing a sharp knife to a little kid scare you? It shouldn’t, as there’s little danger with plenty of supervision. More and more parents are introducing the important life skill of cooking to their little ones, who love to hone their culinary skills just like mom and dad. Don’t forget to bring a little step stool along with your laptop so they can reach the countertop and cutting board, then lend them a hand as they prepare the ingredients for black bean tostadas or a tajine.

Get in Shape

The kids have given their brains an excellent workout so far. Now it’s time to get their bodies moving. YouTube has a whole host of exercise videos that will get your kids in shape. Would you like them to learn yoga? It’s there. How about an exciting dance class that’ll have them burning calories while stepping to the beat? No problem.

There’s no reason your kids can’t enjoy these fun and engaging learning activities even when the clouds clear. Make technology your friend and set aside a little time each day for online education. You’ll almost be able to see their little minds grow.