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Fretting over organized sports, activities

I’m sitting at the public pool. It’s 109 out and the water looks sooooo refreshing. But I’m in my work clothes and the flip flops I tossed on as I left the house in the three minutes I had between dinner (which I made in my work clothes) and the time I had to get [...]

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Limit The Juice: None For Babies, Only Ounces For Kids

It’s a common misconception that juice is good for kids––it’s commonplace for first time parents to wind up in the juice section of the supermarket reading labels and trying to figure out what juice to serve their kids and even their babies under the age of 12 months. All things considered, many parents nowadays grew [...]

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When to keep your sick child home from childcare or school

Sick Day With the flu season hitting Phoenix, and the country, especially hard this year. Parents have been asking us for guidelines on when to keep their sick child home from childcare or school. After all, it’s been shown that children in daycare and school are more likely to get sick because they’re around more [...]

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When Can Kids Go It Alone?

Parents often wonder when to expect certain milestones in their child’s development. There’s no “perfect” answer but pediatricians usually recommend the following guidelines: Self-feeding is okay from about 7 months of age with starters like rice puffs and a Cheerio. Be cautious of choking and never leave your baby or child alone.   Hygiene is [...]

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